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Please browse through our various sections within the shop. We pride ourselves in supplying one of the largest selections in Malta … so please do not hesitate to ask if there is something that you don't see.


Cat Foods – Vast selection of flavours and specialities to tickle your cat's taste buds.


Dog Foods – From puppies to dogs we make sure that they have nutritious and tasty choices.


Cat Carriers - Ample choice of carriers so that your cat travels in comfort and style.


Pet Toys – Hundreds of toys for all kinds of pets … because even your pet deserves play time.


Treats – Whether rewarding your pet or just to remind them that you love them … hundreds of treats available to do the job.


Pet Bedding – Colours, patterns and comfort. Extensive choice of bedding to guarantee a good night's sleep for your friend.


Winter Coats – Range of winter coats for your dog in various sizes and patterns.


Leads and Collars – From extendable, to colourful to lighting … come and see our large selection.


Pet Toiletries – Vast choice of shampoos, sprays and medicated items for your pets hygiene and wellbeing.


Cages – Bird cages of all sizes, handheld and with stands.


Plants, Flowers & Seeds – We also have a small section of the shop dedicated to small plants and flowers, ideal as a small gift or to add that little bit of colour.


We also cater for those who want to grow their own.


Pet Carriers – Carriers available in various styles and for pets of all sizes.


Pet Gifts – Whatever the occasion we have a catalogue of gifts in store for you to match that perfect gift for your little friend.


Scratch Poles – A large variety of fun scratch poles for your cat, varying in size and style, to suit your surroundings.


Aquarium & Plant Accessories – A large variety of brands available supplying accessories and necessities for your aquarium as well as food and accessories for your plants.


Rodent Feed – Whether for your hamsters, guinea pigs, mice, ferrets or other rodents, we have a wide selection of foods to suit their appetite.


Bird seeds – Variety of seeds for a selection of birds.

As well as the above, we also have a variety of unique items. We make it a point to source items which are different and which help our clients offer a wide variety of options to their pets. Amongst these items we have, organic foods & with natural ingredients, oral care, pet pools, advent calendars, portable pet toilets, cat flaps, medicated shampoos, calcium for reptiles, ferret hammocks, reptile caverns, training pads for dogs, glowing collars, engraved ID tags, frozen raw food for dogs with allergies, mother & baby foods.